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Home Schooling & Online Sports Awards

Home Schooling & Online Sports Awards

During these unprecedented times, many of you clever ( and probably very tired) multi-tasking parents are home schooling your children, or sports coaches are resorting to online clubs so they can continue to provide a service where children can continue to attend dance classes or martial arts classes and the like.  

Now what better way to reward their participation and achievements by presenting them with a trophy, medal, fridge magnet or award to keep their enthusiasm going. We all know kids like to receive items in the post so you could even address their awards to them personally. 

All our medals and awards are personally engraved for FREE.

This is a small selection of our fabulous achievement awards. We have many more specific school and sport subject trophies and medals in our School section so please click the following link if you would like to view more. Thank you. School Awards 

You may also find something unique in our novelty awards section too. Take a look :)