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You can Win glorious Trophies like Ronaldo and Messi

You can Win glorious Trophies like Ronaldo and Messi

Posted by Antonio Santorelli - 1st place 4 trophies on 14th Apr 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo, a brand name, an iconic football star, a player who can defy all laws of nature to perform at his brilliant best, a name every coach wants to have on his team sheet, and a philanthropist many admire. We all know Ronaldo of today and have seen him do wonderful things on the playing field. We know how mentally tough and physically strong he is. Perhaps the best manifestation of his mental toughness was his freekick in the 2014 Fifa WC, when he took a few deep breaths, retained his composure and shot the ball into the netting. How did he develop this composure and mental toughness? How did he establish himself as such a valuable icon? What was life like for him in the beginning?

Well, Life was tough for him, as it often is for most of us. If you are a teenager aspiring to establish yourself as a professional football player and represent your country at the highest level, Ronaldo also was one of you guys. Neither he was born with a golden boot nor he could shoot thunderbolts for fun. He was an ordinary child born in Portugal to a gardener. His mother was a cook in the locality. He had to share his room and stuff with his siblings just like many of us do.

The whole purpose of this whole argument is to make all young football players believe that you share a lot many common things with the great CR7. He didn’t get any head start. He also had to begin with the very basics. But the distinct feature that took him to these heights of glory was his ability to do the basics right. The purpose of writing this story and this article is to make you believe that you can also become special like Ronaldo one day. You just need to do a couple of things. Firstly, make yourself mentally strong. Keep focusing on the target. Aim Higher and attain stable confidence. Secondly, make yourself valuable to people around you. Play for the team. Contribute to your squad. Prioritize mutual interests and team performances over your personal gains. Do you know that Ronaldo played while carrying an injury during the 2014 Fifa WC? He lied to everyone about the severity of the injury. That lie could have ended his career. But Ronaldo took that risk. He was willing to gamble. Because his country and his team needed him to play and perform. Though he was not 100% fit, yet he played because your team always comes first.

If the young football players follow these directions, they can easily go on to win glittering trophies like Ronaldo. From Glass awards to golden trophies, there is nothing you guys can’t have. Dream to win the gold-medal and you can accomplish that dream. These trophies and awards can bring great value to you. But for that to happen, you need to invest in yourself.

And its not just about Ronaldo. All the greats who won great name for themselves, they did the basics right and worked their way through all the challenges. No one has ever won the great ballon d’or trophy without striving for it.

You can be the next Ozil, Messi, Kane, Neymar or Ronaldo. But in order to get there, you need to believe in yourself and inspire yourself to do great things in this world. Don’t forget that all these players went through similar struggles and toils. All you need to ensure is that you remain inspired!

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