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Dance to the music

Dance to the music

Posted by Antonio Santorelli - 1st place 4 trophies on 9th Apr 2021

Music is something you cannot explain or describe to anyone. It’s all about feeling it. Letting it go through your nerves. Letting your body feel it. The rhythms, the rhyming lyrics, the tone, the composition, everything seems out of this world, once you are having the time of your life while enjoying it. It is something instinctive. The way our body and sensors react to different symphonies is magical. Those who genuinely love it tend to enjoy it by letting their bodies dance to the tones. While composing music is an art, letting it absorb is another joy. Dancing to the tone in the right manner, at the right time is something similar to letting your dream come true.

It's true that there are certain academies teaching this art of dance, one must realize that the ability to let your body dance freely to the tone of music is something nobody can learn or adapt to. You cannot develop it. Either it exists in your built-in system, or it doesn’t. You can practice it, you can perform it as well, but you cannot sense it, until you let it happen naturally. Hence, its clear as a crystal that this pleasure of nature is only for those, who embrace it naturally.

Dance enthusiasts exist everywhere. Regardless of the boundaries of region, country, nation, race, gender or age-group, cherishing music by dancing to it can be anyone’s joy in life, provided they are natural at it. And once you do that, you surely deserve a prize.

Over the years, there have been many dance competitions, held at various levels from national to local ones, to admire the beauty of those who know how to dance to the music. Thanks to the lovers and admirers of this art, it has survived over the years. As Covid-19 tested all the other spheres of life, this traditional and energetic act of brilliance also came under scrutiny. People could not go to clubs to enjoy themselves. Showing your moves within the premises of your apartment certainly was not the right way to express your love for it. While dance-lovers used to spend weeks and even months to prepare for their favourite and much anticipated dance competitions. This pandemic robbed them of that motivational factor as well. Professional Dancers and dance academies also found themselves in a fix as they were left with no other choice but wait for things to move forward.

While things weren’t moving forward, some genius adopted this online mechanism to dance competitions. Consequently, all the dance enthusiasts got a fresh ray of hope as they found some manner of expressing themselves. Those who had prepared tirelessly for their dance seasons. They got a chance to take all of the work that they had already done and push it up a notch to compete on a virtual world stage. While these virtual dance competitions weren’t exact supplements, they were easy to arrange and convenient to manage. These events turned out to be a huge success as people sitting in their living rooms could arrange such competitions and enjoy their time.

These include Prestige Dance Competition, Star Light Online Dance competition, and upcoming second variant of Fly-dance virtual competition. Moreover, Choreography online is also arranging International Online Dance competition to bring the best of the world against the best, that too from their homes.

These are only a few names, you can find hundreds of these competitions or arrange one on your own to satisfy your desire. We at 1st Place Trophies have already assisted certain organizers with the trophies and managerial aspects of the competitions and are here to serve you as well. From souvenirs appreciating the dance lovers to Gigantic, Glittering, Glorious Trophies for the winners, we have it all.

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